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    I need Help Flash cs6


      Here is the situation, I have been working on this animation for 2 months now and at some point it got damaged. Whenever I save I get an error message  saying It was unable to save the file but  after that message  shows up I can close and open the program back up and it was actually  saved, so I continued  to work on, I thought  it was just a little glitch. Now I whenever I open it, it takes a long time to load and when it does load, and the page that appears  if I want to open old files or start a new project is just stuck  on the canvas, bur the time line and tools load perfectly  fine. That doesn't  happen all the time though. Sometimes whenever I open it  the canvas is completely  blank, or sometimes it works perfectly  fine and shows my work but if it does show my work, if I keep clicking on a different  frame it will eventually  go completely  blank , freeze flash or crash. So me trying save all the time I waste in this animation . I had a plan transfer all/ most of the frames to a new file but I can't. For some reason now flash won't  let me copy and paste multiple layers/ frames and when ever I try to open up a new file next to the damage one, Flash crashes. I don't  know what to do I just want to save my work on the file. I need help please. I am using flash professional  Cs6