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    Can't change authorization in Adobe Digital  Editions required due to Windows 10


      An unauthorized update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 kicked out my Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software.  When I installed an updated version of ADE I kept getting the message that I can only authorize my computer with an Adobe ID that hasn't been used to authorize any other computer or mobile device.  But I was trying on the same computer as originally.  During a discussion with KOBO customer service, I was told to contact Adobe and get them to remove my previous version of Windows (7) from ADE so that I can then attach my Windows 10 to ADE (all on the same computer and account id).  Adobe customer service put me onto a "Chat: with a technician who replied saying I had to go to this form.


      Can anyone help me, please?  I would like to be able to move my downloaded library books to my Kobo so I can read it anywhere than only at my computer desk.


      Thank you for any help.