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    Hiding Layers/Elements under Slices

      I've said it before, but it is worth its own topic.

      I prefer Fireworks over the alternatives, but lately I have been using Microsoft Expression Design 2 for one simple feature offered that has no equivalent in Fireworks. I can deselect entire layers or individual graphic elements for my slices. The end result allows me to export my slices without those layers/elements showing. It's as if the slice is unaware of those graphics when exporting. I even get a nice preview of the slice so I can verify that I have "hidden" the correct layers/elements.

      I can also overlap slices to create separate graphics (by hiding layers/elements) of the same region. Trust me; it is very handy. I've used this technique to get a repeating background image as well as a nice foreground image (that includes more graphics than the background). I can then line things up via CSS very easily and achieve some great results with little effort.

      If I change any of the graphics (of course I will), I can simply re-export everything at once and know that things are "right'. With Fireworks, I have to manually hide layers/elements before exporting a slice. Then, I have to show the correct layers/elements again before exporting and changing the name of the slice to avoid overwrites. It's quite tedious.

      Please, give us a comparable feature of that found in Expression Design 2. I don't want to leave Fireworks over a single feature! Slicing is well overdo for some improvements that don't just involve coordination with Dreamweaver.

      Thanks for listening.