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    LR CC crashing computer with adjustment brush


      I have Windows 10 and there was an update yesterday. I have been trying to edit photos and getting a complete computer crash when I am using the adjustment brush. It doesn't happen with every photo, and sometimes I can do the brush on a few photos but then I get a blue screen with a message that something went wrong and Windows has to shut down. A percentage counts up and then the computer goes black and starts up again. Then I have to shut it down properly before I can use everything. Is anyone else having this issue? I thought perhaps an update might be necessary, so I went to LR updates on my help panel, and an update was apparently needed. Adobe CC started up and got to 90% but then got stuck. I restarted the computer and tried again. Now a blue circle is just going around and around for the update in the Adobe CC popup. This would be frustrating anyway, but I have a deadline tomorrow so it's especially so. Suggestions? (I have Lightroom version: CC 2015.6.1 [ 1083169 ] if that helps)