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    Adobe Animate CC not including some assets that I need when converting to html5 canvas

    Hope this Helps

      I am using Adobe Animate CC, and exporting a modified flash file to html5 canvas. The problem I have is some of the frames are only being partially exported. Certain assets are not being converted to javascript objects (although they are clearly on the timeline).


      As an example some of my dynamic text is exported as this.a1 (having the instance name a1 in the file), which is what I need. But then a frame further on in the file is only partially exported, the same type of dynamic text with the instance name b1 is not being exported and is not found in the html5 js doc as this.b1.


      Any ideas as to why some of my symbols are exported and some are not?


      More info if needed:


      I had a file made entirely in flash some years ago. I cut and pasted the frames into a html canvas 5 document, ensuring all appropriate symbols were included. The html5 document exports well (apart from the above mentioned assets, which appear on the time line but not in html5 js file).


      I understand how to code in Javascript, and realise that some of the objects converted from flash are missing from the js file. Is there a file size limit that could be culling frames in the latter part of the file?


      Note the html5 object runs fine, and I have coded half of it in Javascript, as I got towards the end of the file I realised items were missing.