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    Building Flex app in product environment

    MikePeak8 Level 1
      There is a problem with building Flex code in a production environment. The exact build mechanism is different for a developer at their desktop and an automated build mechanism running in a detached process.

      It appears that when Flex code is built from the Flex Builder, the following occurs (can someone confirm this):
      1) settings are read from the project files and written to a temporary config file
      2) mxmlc.exe is called with the name of the temporary config file
      In order for an automated build process to simulate what a developer at their desktop experiences, the production build process would need to mimic the above operations--read the project settings, create a temp config file and call mxmlc.exe with the temp config file.

      Are there any tools which do this or can assist? In a production build environment what you really want to do is emulate as much as possible what the developer has established for a build but in a command-line manner.