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      I wanted to ask about the difference between the photoshop desktop and the photoshop apps and how much does thedesktop software cost and I have a problem that the word ''Adobe'' shows on the picture after editing.

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are seeing the word Adobe across an image, then odds are you are using the trial version and that will not be there when you purchase one of the programs.


          Basically Photoshop comes in a watered down version called elements and guides to through some of the features.

          Whereas Photoshop the big brother as I call it is the full version and does not provide any hand holding. But gives you more control on how to manipulate the features.


          Photoshop also has a program called lightroom. This is more of an organizational program designed for photographers that provides a database for organizing photos as well as giving basic editing features that are found in the camera raw feature found in photoshop and elements.


          To eliminate confusion it is best to call the three programs, lightroom, elements, and finally Photoshop.


          Elements is available in a single payment whereas lightroom and photoshop are subscription based.


          Adobe has a plan for photographers that include Lightroom and Photoshop that is currently less than subscribing to just photoshop.


          Make no mistake the Cloud versions are the full desktop programs that so many are accustom to back when they were available in a single payment.


          The following link will take you to the payment plan for the cloud version.


          Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud


          Elements can be found at the following link - It is only showing the upgrade price. Click on the buy now link will show the full price of $99.99 US.


          Picture editor software, photo enhancement tools | Adobe Photoshop Elements 15



          Disclaimer- Because I am talking about the sales of the Adobe products I legally must state that I do receive benefits from Adobe.

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional

            Silkrooster has given you a good description of the desktop programs. You also asked about the mobile apps such as Lightroom Mobile or Photoshop Express.


            The mobile apps are very much a limited cut down introduction and are no where near as powerful. They have to be as the hardware capabilities of the devices that they are running on are limited. So for example Lightroom is fully colour managed, Lightroom mobile is not. Whilst the mobile apps are useful and integrate well with the desktop programmes, for serious work you will want to use the desktop programmes.

            Download Lightroom for mobile | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile

            Adobe Photoshop Express | Photoshop.com




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