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    Full batch was rejected with keywords|names errors. WTF?

    galxcom Level 1

      Hi. First time here bcoz everything was almost always fine.

      This time it was "wonderful" rejection by adobe/fotolia and i can't recognize WHY!

      Because on shutterstock/bigstock/dreamstime/123rf ALL of these pictures were accepted. And I really can't understand why Adobe decided to reject them WITH NAMES/TAGS issue.


      Here they are several of same files (with same names and tags) accepted by Shutterstock:

      Young Charming Black Brazilian Teen Girl Stock Photo 641850904 - Shutterstock

      Charming Black Teenage Girl Curly Afro Stock Photo 641851336 - Shutterstock

      Young Beautiful Biracial Tourist Girl Curly Stock Photo 641851327 - Shutterstock

      Beautiful Young Black Girl Curly Afro Stock Photo 641851381 - Shutterstock

      Young Smiling Beautiful Black Girl Curly Stock Photo 641851432 - Shutterstock


      Can you help me, please? Why these pics were rejected here?




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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          I checked your account and it appears most all of the images in that series were approved. I couldn't find any that were rejected for indexing issues. Please provide me with an image number of one of the files you are referring to.



          Mat Hayward

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            galxcom Level 1

            Hello, MatHayward, sorry that haven't marked this topic as resolved.


            The problem was solved and only one question still remains. I always upload via Fotolia. And there is keywords language list there. So it is usually for me in English by default. Last time it was set to another language for the whole batch (even I was uploading absolutely in the same way that I do usually). That's why all the batch was rejected. The question is what does it depend on? The default language on that indexing page. My photo works have no GPS or country data. And this menu list is very small  to see it


            Thank you,