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    Subscription, Pricing and Customer Service


      I was under the impression when I signed up that it was for the duration of my study course, not for an entire year. Further, I have only just discovered that the subscription is automatically renewed for a further twelve-month billing cycle, unless you cancel prior to the end of that year.


      I also wasted a great deal of time chatting to someone named Jessica, who kept dancing around my direct question: Can I purchase Premier Pro CC 2017 outright?


      Jessica kept texting me grammatically incorrect responses; such as "A$2299/mo".  For a start, Australians abbreviate month as mth, not mo. To not place a decimal point between numbers suggests that it is AUD$2,299 to purchase outright. Instead, she kept sending me a link to a pricing plan for an individual which is "A$22.99/mo." I kept asking her about this, to which she eventually replied "Do you want a pre-paid plan?".


      Finally I extracted the answer I was looking for. No, you cannot purchase the software outright.


      Why can't customer service staff understand a simple and straight-forward question such as this and answer up-front?