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    Why will only text print from document and my PDF export with no content?


      I have designed a calendar poster using InDesign CC and every time I print a proof for my client the graphics/images are dropped out and only the text prints; this is not occurring with other files. Placed files are a variety of file formats (TIF, EPS, PDF, AI, & PSD), all used before, and no transparencies were used. I cannot seem to figure out if a file is corrupted or if there is some setting hidden somewhere causing the images/content to drop out.


      I have tried the following to try and remedy the problem:

      —Delete and re-place all images.

      —Place all images on the page rather than the master page.

      —Checked the over print preview (it's perfect).

      —Create a completely new file from scratch transferring minor text formatting.

      —Exporting as a PDF to print using my companies print read preset.

      >I have to export the PDF using a preset created by my company and it produces a completely blank PDF, but when I export as a 'High Quality PDF' I get a PDF of the poster.

      >The company PDF presets are for Adobe Acrobat DC (this is the program the PDFs are opened) and are very similar to the 'High Quality PDF' preset.


      I have included some screenshots of my documents for reference if they help.