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    Search Fails to Find Item


      I wonder if some of you have had the same issues I have with my Robohelp 2015 project.


      The issue seems to rear it's head periodically throughout the day with my userbase of the Robohelp project.


      Basically, the search function fails to find the results it should. Example, You search the word "Computer" and the results should yield a document called "Fixing your computer". Instead, you get a message from the search that no results were found. You then perform a refresh of the site and right away the project will find said document.


      Sometimes, the search will return certain documents but not all that it should according the searched phrase/words.


      This issue occurs on both IE and Chrome and on any number of Windows workstations.


      This as you can imagine can be quite frustrating as users will search for an item and be unaware that the search function is not working correctly as there is no message stating that the system is not working as it should.


      Any help is much appreciated,