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    An animation question

    sh6ixs Level 1

      Hello all


      New to Animate CC and believed I was making good progress but I have come up against a problem which I'm unable to solve (after a few hours of trying).


      I have a simple animation which I want to the view to start by pressing a button.

      I am using a HTML Canvas document (as I intend hosting some animations on my portfolio site)


      All the elements to animate on various layers appear on frame 2, with a blank keyframe on frame 1.


      The only elements on frame 1 are the background image and also the button. The button only appears on frame 1, and will disappear when the animation begins on frame 2.


      The code on frame 1 start with this.stop( )'

      This stops the animation from starting and all is good.


      The code attached to the button is below:


      this.btn.addEventListener("click", fl_MouseClickHandler_2.bind(this));

      function fl_MouseClickHandler_2()





      This code was taken largely from the code snippets Event Handlers/Mouse Click Event, and I inserted the line 'gotoFrameAndPlay(2);'


      But this does not work??


      This seems a simple, common task to achieve but I am having problem with this.


      Any help would be really appreciated.