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    Compare two fields and show hidden field


      I have two fields, one is calculated (text2) and the other has the user entering the data (text1). I want to compare the number entered to the calculated field. (The calculated field does not use the entered field in the calculation. Also, the calculation occurs prior to entries into text1) The entered number needs to be less than or equal to the calculated field. If it is not, I would like to un-hide a third text field (text3) - or I could use a popup alert. I do not want text3 to show until after something is entered into text1, meaning I don't want it to show before the user has a chance to enter a number.


      I've read through an assortment of similar posts but can't seem to find an answer that will work. It is unclear to me if this should be a validation script, a custom calculation, or added to an action.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          JR_Boulay Adobe Community Professional

          Place this JavaScript as a validation script in the Text1 field:


          nText1 = event.value;
          oText2 = this.getField("text2");
          oText3 = this.getField("text3");
          if (nText1.length > 0 && nText2.value.length > 0 && nText1 <= oText2.value) {
              // show Text3
              oText3.display = display.visible;
              // show alert
              app.alert("Hello world");
          } else {
              // hide Text3
              oText3.display = display.hidden;
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            traceyj1145113 Level 1

            I realize that I wasn't clear with what I was trying to do. I have a message field (CTAABInfoBox) that is displayed unless the entered value in "CTAAB" is > the calculated field "TotalBudget.GrandTotal". Here is what I have tried. It does not work properly.


            var oCTAAB = this.getField("CTAAB");

            var oFldTotalBudget = this.getField("TotalBudget.GrandTotal");

            var oInfoBox = this.getField("CTAABInfoBox");


            // test to see if entered CTAAB value < calculated TotalBudget.GrandTotal box

            if (oCTAAB.value <  oFldTotalBudget.value)


                // show CTAABInfoBox

                oInfoBox.hidden = false; 





                // hide CTAABInfoBox

                oInfoBox.hidden = true;


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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              - What does "not work properly" mean? Are there error messages?

              - Where did you place the code?

              - Do not use the hidden property. It's deprecated. Use the display property instead.