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    ToC won't work


      Hi, I'm working in InDesign CS6, I have created a book, made a table of contents, all fine. I have now added two pages. I want these changes reflected in the ToC, but not only will the ToC not update, but when I create a new one it just reproduces the old page numbering, i.e. it doesn't take account of the added pages, so the chapters after the pages that have been added are, according to the ToC, still in the same place (which obviously they are not). Also it is adding roman numerals after the page numbers! But that is easily fixable by deleting after generation.


      Any ideas? I have tried saving as a new file, saving as IDMD, I have tried changing the names of the relevant styles, I have tried getting rid of the old styles in the ToC dialogue box and choosing them again. Nothing has worked. As an experiment I tried adding a new chapter title, that wasn't reflected in the updated or newly generated ToC either.


      Thanks for your help