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    Text layer handles missing in edit mode

    ericsten Level 2

      Had this issue a few times and it's really starting to bug me. Haven't been able to find any existing topics on any of the forums for it.
      This is only affecting certain existing text layers in some of my older projects.


      When going into edit mode on the text layer, none of the bounding box handles appear. I do see the layer handles when not in text edit mode, however I want to stretch the bounding box so that the text doesn't wrap when I replace the text.


      This is what I expect to see when I go into text edit mode.

      Text_WITH HANDLES.jpg


      However on certain existing text layers, this is all I see. Note that the handles are completely missing, and no these are not the layer handles, but are the text box handles. (and yes, I have zoomed out to check if the handles are stretched very far.)

      Text_MISSING HANDLES.jpg


      Any help would be much appreciated.