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      I have a form 8 columns (2 signature columns) and 39 rows.  I want the first signature column to lock the first 6 row entries and the second signature column to lock the first signature.  I have tried successfully to set the first rows to read only after the first signature.  When the second signature is filled in, I can still go clear the first signature field.  Can I make the signature fields so that they can no be cleared after signing?




      First user enters details into the following fields:

           Authorized User

           DCNR Form

           EX Number





      When that users signs the document in Regional Duty Officer, form is saved and first six entries become Read Only.

      When the State Duty Officer signs form, I want the Regional Duty Officer and the State Duty Officer to be locked so that the users can not clear their signature.  I do not want to lock the entire form, I want other entries to be made down the form.