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    No longer able to open a pdf file by double clicking


      I have Adobe Acrobat XI Standard for Mac installed.  Prior to most recent installed Adobe update, we could open a pdf by simply double clicking.  Post most recent Adobe update (May 8 2017), we are no longer able to open a pdf file by doubling clicking, instead a new dialog window appears and we need to select Acrobat icon to open the file.


      My request is to return to the open file via a double click functionality.  Is there anyone else experiencing this issue?


      Any assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you







      [You posted to Acrobat Reader and you have Acrobat XI Standard. While there are dozens of Acrobat and PDF forums, there is not one that exactly meets your question. I moved this to Editing & Exporting PDFs, hoping that it is the closest.