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    Samsung Galaxy Tab E....I bet this won't get answered by Support!


      I guess I will try posting here as a last possible thing to do, yet I have a big feeling support will not answer this question anyways. (I have been run around for days by support at this point, Nor they are telling me to post here...LOL..if support can answer this, You're amazing!)


      Here is the issue:

      I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab E, downloaded Adobe Digital Editions (says on the website that is tab is supported) authorized it with my correct login id and nothing is there! I have ONE book that I have purchased and it's not on my tablet. So, I went to the link for the e-book and downloaded it. It did ask what program I would like it to open the book, I chose ADE and it closed the pop-up and opened ADE like it was opening the book but It opened up to a blank library.

      I looked in ADE on my laptop and it is showing two of the books, it shows my first original download AND the one from today! So ADE knows I downloaded it to my tablet since it was on my laptop.

      I have tried everything as support from the website. I tried to send it over via file transfer, but cannot since the ADE on my laptop is not showing my Samsung tablet on the left side like the self-help support says it should be.


      So, can anyone figure out why it's not showing up?

      Thanks in advance to whoever can figure this out! <3