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    can not "save as" in same folder - error "file protected ... or in use"

    thomas olbrich

      Since a while (might be since update to macOS Sierra 10.12.x) I can not save a PDF with a different name into the same folder. An error message appears:


      "The file is either write protected or in use by another user. Save the file under another name or in a different folder"

      (original message in German)


      I can save in a different folder. When I open that new file, do a change and "save as" with a new, third name the same error appears again. I can save as in any other, even in the folder of the first original PDF. So its not a matter of folder rights.


      When I open a PDF and want to optimize it than nothing happens when I simply save. I have to "save as" and select a different location.


      Acrobat 10.1.16  |  macOS 10.12.3


      Any hints appreciated!

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          I've seen this issue in the past when the following occurred:

          • If you select the file in the Finder and double click it, it remains 'active' somehow.
          • Then issues with saving might occur.
          • I've seen that happen on Windows and Mac OS


          Have not seen this issue for a while, but can you try the following:

          1. Don't select any of the PDFs in the folder.
          2. Launch Acrobat, then choose File > Open and navigate to the folder that contains the PDF file.
          3. Make the change, and then try a Save As, and see if it works?


          If that doesn't work I'd look at testing and possibly repairing the file permissions on your system.

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            thomas olbrich Level 1

            Unfortunately none of the hints do help in this case – my pdfs just behave different to your experience. Also, I have this issues in the last weeks, or 2-3 month only, whereas you did not have them recently but more time ago. Nevertheless I did the open-method-tests:


            My results with the 2 methods to open a PDF before "save as" with a new filename:


            It works fine unless a PDF has been opened before – independent of the way to open it.


            If I rename a PDF in the finder and open it 1st time in Acrobat then I am able to save as into the same folder.


            As soon I open this PDF a second time – either from finder or from Acrobats open or recent files menu – then I am not able to save as in the same folder and I get the error mentioned above.

            I can choose any other folder (even within such a problematic folder) to save as – and, also, I can switch between two folders to continue a save as several times for testing. But I HAVE TO switch to be allowed to save as. That means very clear it is not a problem of rights on system level but must be a misinterpretation of Acrobat.


            This issue also appears if I quit and restart Acrobat in between. That might mean the problem occurs as soon Acrobat has a file name and storage place in its recent files list.