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    concerns about doing a feature doc in Premiere

    Loch Phillipps Level 1

      There are some things I really don't like about the way Premiere handles media management that I have expressed before which make me wary of trusting it for a feature documentary where there will be lots of footage and likely multiple editors. Would love anyone's feedback on this, whether Premiere can be trusted or not. We would also appreciate any suggestions on how to set a project up and organize it for the long haul.


      Here are my main concerns:

      1. When an editor brings in a sequence from another editor, Premiere creates a whole pile of new pointer files, even if these already exist in the project. I worry that this will get very messy with sequences being passed back and forth.

      2. When media files get disconnected, an editor typically has to locate and reconnect them manually, a time consuming process. Premiere's "search" function seems not to function well.

      3. When you match frame a clip in a sequence, Premiere does not take you back to the original clip, but rather the prior sequence where the clip was used. The further removed you get from the original source, the less likely you are to be able to find it via match framing.


      In some of the shorter projects I've worked on in Premiere, I've had difficulties at times with media getting disconnected and in sharing edits back and forth. It seems that if you aren't extremely careful managing media, Premiere isn't going to help you the way that Avid (the leader here) would. I'd prefer to use Premiere for a whole host of reasons, but media management becomes a much bigger concern when there is a lot of it.


      I've also had situations where Premiere projects, particularly after they've left alone for a time, become corrupted.


      I had hoped Adobe's "Team" software would address some of these problems but it seems that it isn't going in that direction. I think Adobe has a great opportunity to establish itself as the industry standard, but I don't think they'll get there without improving the less flashy area of media management. Or am I overreacting and are there a lot of editors out there who have full confidence in Premiere for unwieldy projects?