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    Layout mess up after Change of Masterpage


      Hi everybody,


      English is not my first language but I try to explain the problem in the best possible way.


      I designed a Website in Muse with different responsive sizes etc. I now need to do the almost exect same site only different colours and content (prices, etc.) but the same layout.


      So I started with duplicating the master page and changing the elements and colors, then i duplicated a site an wanted to start editing but after I used the new Masterpage and the layout in the smalles resoultion is totally messed up.


      Can someone tell me why this happens?


      Layout of original site:Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-18 um 18.14.04.png


      Layout of copy after master page use: Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-18 um 18.13.49.png


      I hope you guys can help me, because if not it's a lot of rearraning when I have to do it for every site...


      Thanks in advance!