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    First (an only) "normal" collection cannot be opened


      I'm new here and in Lightroom (2015.10 release).


      I spent some time on this weird behavior:

      I create the first collection of a new catalog, leaving "Inside a collection set" unchecked.

      The collection name and number of photos appear normally in the panel, but when clicked nothing happens, i.e. its contents does not show in the grid.

      However, it works fine:

      - If I first select the Smart Collections icon and then choose the normal collection underneath it, or ..

      - If I create a second normal collection. Then I can select a folder, and come back and view both collections.


      I then deleted the second normal collection and again, after having chosen a folder (or any source other than Smart Collections) I was unable to view the contents of the remaining normal folder.


      Do I miss something, or is this a bug?


      Thanks for any help.