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    Moving layers is a pain now - how do we go back to the old way?


      I am not sure when it happened but in a recent 2017 update I noticed a change to how you can click and drag layers within Photoshop.


      I love the way it used to be for years - whichever layer, layers or grouped folder you selected, not matter where on your screen you clicked and drag it would only move only those item(s).


      Now with this new update it does not matter which layer or layers you select, where you click and drag on the screen its going to move that particular layer. Then for a grouped folder you have the added task where you need to hold shift to move multiple layers within it.


      This is extremely frustrating when you have a lot of layers, especially fine art ones. One example -  trying to move text or a small button within a web design is a painful process now.


      Is there a way where I can set the preferences back to how it was for moving layers -or- is there something new that has been added to the UI that allows me to move things as it once did without it being a total pain?


      If my explanation wasn't clear enough I have also linked to a screenshare video where I give an example of this:



      Thank you,