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    Layers and effects


      Can anyone tell me how to add a layer onto existing image and working on the new layer to retain features of the  layer beneath


      what im trying to do is add graffiti artwork onto a layer and the graffiti will have thew characteristics of , lets say a wall or shutters,

      the graffiti layer i add should take the form of the lower layer and look authentically painted on said wall ??


      any help would be appreciated

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          You could :

          a. Use opacity and blending modes to make the colour sit.

          b. Use a displacement filter (Filter Distort Displace) based on a displacement map built from the wall image to give the effect of depth on the wall




          You could work in 3D.


          You could take a copy of the wall image, turn it B&W and give it some contrast, then make a mesh from a Depth Map (3D panel > Mesh from Depth Map). Then use that model add the original wall image and the graffiti over as a texture, lighting the wall to give shadows in the stonework and graffiti.




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