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    Acrobat DC Fillable Dynamic Stamp

    Alex2261 Level 1

      Hello.  I've read a number of various blog posts but I'm still having trouble creating a dynamic stamp that will allow the user to just enter in 3 fields.  I already created the image, saved it as a Stamp, and located the file.  I then added the 3 text fields I need.  I am just not sure where to even begin with how to write the code in Acrobat DC.  The text fields are titled Text1, Text 2, and Text 3.  The outline of the stamp is simple

      User: Text1 (I need to be able to type in various initials)

      Amount: Text2 (Just need to be free form to type in either a percentage or $ amount)

      Sent: Text3 (Just need to write a name of whoever I sent it to)


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!