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    Eliminate Virtual Duplicates in a collection

    hannahb26810959 Level 1

      is there some way to find all the duplicates of same named virtual files in a collection and then delete all of the duplicate in that collection?


      I have a large master catalogue. I then made people specific folders with virtual copies -- let's say person A and B. I rated keepers. I have to run them by A and B for approval.  I just found out that they must approve any crossovers. I then made a filter in A's collection of A+B and drop those into B collection so the B collection is now complete for approval (and on to all other combinations of people.) The problem is a good many of the A+B files were already selected in the B folder so I have to find all the doubles and remove them before sending them along.


      Perhaps I would have approached this differently from the outset had I known each person has to approve (even when they are a blur.) I now have spent 4 days rating the files of a number of people folders and have to find all crossovers and then remove duplicates.


      Any idea would be greatly appreciated!