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    After Effects Background issue

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      So I worked on this project in Premiere had linked comps in after effects with that premiere project. After the last comp, I saved the after effects project and quit out of the program. I start up a new project with a new name, not even linked to premiere in any way and when I start a new composition the last frame from the previous project shows up as the background but the video name doesn't appear anywhere. I even deleted the after effects project file and nothing worked. I just want it to have a black background.


      I have the latest version of After Effects CC 2017 up to date and it's on MAC OS X Sierra.

      I've provided an image of what I see

      AE picture.pngThe video file that shows in the screen isn't even on my computer anymore. I moved it to my hard drive so the video would no longer link.

      Any advice will help!