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    Adobe stock 10 "free" for one month - Auto-renewal and no refund


      I am a college student and a creative cloud subscriber. I noticed what I thought was a promotion for "10 free stock images" in December on the creative cloud app, and decided to use two. I thought that was the end of it, but just recently checked my adobe account and saw that I had unwittingly been subscribed for adobe stock starting in January, for $29.99/month. I had absolutely no knowledge of this subscription, and when I check my past emails, I only ever received a confirmation of payment (not of subscription, not even of purchase) in January that ended up in my spam folder-because it wasn't from Adobe's usual email addresses which I've added to my contacts-with no following emails since. When I called to get a refund and explain my situation-which is obvious from my records since I only ever used those two images in December - the only offer they could give me was free three months on my subscription out of "good will," which I'll have to remember to cancel in November since they charge you if you cancel any sooner.


      I'm livid that this subscription, which was offered as a one-month promotion, was continued without my knowledge or intentional approval, and that costumer service couldn't offer one shred of understanding and refund any of the $150.00 I unknowingly paid for images I have absolutely no use for since I'm a photographer myself and prefer to shot my own work and placement images, and will apparently need to pay more so that I'm not over-charged.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          With this offer, you are signing up for an annual plan of 10 assets/month where the first month is free and you can cancel risk free within the first month if you do not wish to continue with the subscription.


          I've sent you a separate message with additional information.


          Kind regards



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            kadink76528683 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply. I understand now that this was a annual subscription plan where the first month was free. This was not what I understood from the way it was advertised/offered, and I'm not sure what the issue was in the communications when I first used those two images, but I'm sure I assumed at the time that I would receive another email notification asking me to cancel or continue the subscription before I was charged.


            As a usually happy Adobe customer, I was just taken aback that something like this could happen with a company I trust for transparency with its users. I would have appreciated clear email notifications and monthly receipts, but thank you for the support and help in resolving this matter now.


            I will be sure to read every detail more carefully in the future and contact support if anything is in the least bit unclear.

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              I had the same problem. And I DID cancel my subscription in the first month....then I found out that they have been charging me every month. I am LIVID.


              This is a terrible way to do business. Tricking people into paying for something they didn't want.


              I DID cancel my subscription in the first month. And now I am subject to 50% of the annual cost just cancel my subscription.


              Please, someone contact me. I couldn't be any angrier.