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    Preventing the pull-to-refresh effect?

    productionArtistChad Level 1

      This is only a problem on an andriod device in chrome.


      ok I made a long scrolling website design and scrolling up or down works great but if I click on an anchor that takes me down the page and then I manually scroll back to the top, if i scroll to far past the top of the page chrome does this "pull to refresh" function. This wouldn't be a problem if it just refreshed at the top of the page but its refreshing back to the last anchor I used at the bottom of the page. The end result is if i scroll past the top of the page accidentally it jumps down to the last anchor I used.


      I found this article but if i knew how to write code i probably wouldn't be using muse.

      html - Disabling android's chrome pull-down-to-refresh feature - Stack Overflow


      at the bottom of the article is this code


      "touch-action": "pan-down"


      Where does this code go? in a javascript file ? or a css file?