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    Lightroom performance with fast SSD+slow HDD setup

    fijnheid Level 1



      While looking at a PC upgrade, I'm trying to figure out a decent build that has both lots of space and decent performance.


      What I'm considering is a lightning fast M.2-interface pcie SSD which would have my OS, Lightroom, my LR catalog and previews, and the camera raw cache on it. I would pre-build 1:1 previews for the stuff I'm working on.


      The physical raw photos, however, would be on a slower, 5400rpm high capacity HDD (because my current 4TB ones are running out of space, and I prefer a relatively quiet build). The question I have is: provided you have the LR catalog, previews and camera raw cache on a very fast M.2 SSD drive, how much performance loss would you get in the various Lightroom modules from having the raw files on a 'relatively slow' 5400rpm HDD? During which processes would the performance loss be most significant? (I imagine it'd probably be when loading the RAW files in develop mode, but I'd like to be sure.)


      In the case that it is indeed the develop module and photo-loading specifically, would it be worth using smart previews over just the RAW files themselves? What are the downsides to doing that, and what are your preferences in that regard?


      I'd be happy to hear anything you know on these topics :-)  Cheers!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          There is an extremely small, trivial, performance loss by putting photos on a slower disk, so small that you will never notice it. This study by Ian Lyons confirms this: http://www.computer-darkroom.com/blog/will-an-ssd-improve-adobe-lightroom-performance/

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            In theory, there will be a performance difference between the SSD and spinning hard drives. In practice, whether or not you see it in the real world is open for debate.


            Your performance gains in Lightroom is going to come from having high-end CPUs and lots of RAM.

            The GPU optimization may or may not help you.


            My 64-bit Win10 box (8 cores, 32 GB) has the catalog and preview files on a spinning drive, separate from the spinning drives (internal and external) containing the original images. Size of the preview files is set to "auto" to match my monitor; no smart previews; GPU optimization turned off. I don't notice any lags in the Library or Development modules. (Importing and exporting take however long they take.)

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              DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

              Just my thoughts, Lightroom by default reads and writes constantly to the Catalog file and the preview files. So if you have these files on the SSD then this is the best place for them  provided there is lots of free disk space on the drive. You will tend to see a diminished performance if the free space drops below 25% of the Drive capacity. e.g Drive capacity 500GB minimum free space 125GB. (To wit a SSD 500GB drive with 50GB,10% of free space may not perform better than a 4TB HHD drive with 2TB, 50% of free space) 

              With respect to the  "slow HDD" this will depend first if the disk is internally connected or an external drive i.e USB 2 or 3?. If you do not have "Automatically write XMP to the files"  then Lightroom is only reading from the files so there would be limited performance issues. If the HDD is USB 2 externally connected and you are auto writing to xmp then this may be the weakest link to performance.