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    I want to use premiere pro and after effects, VideoPad was slow with bad buffering times, system recommendations please


      VideoPad is slow at rendering previews when I edit, and buffers too often, will Premiere Pro be better?  I think maybe videoPad doesn't make much use of the gpu. I have intel i7 6700 and 32 gm of Ram. My graphics card is nvidia geforce gtx 750 Ti, do you think a better one would help me quite a lot?  Also I do not have SSD.  Which graphics card would you recommend if I upgrade, I think my friend found one that was rated well for 200 or 300$, I forgot the name of it.  I am not really looking to do 4k editing for now, my dslr doesn't do 4k anyway.


      Thank you very much for the help.


      - Peter