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    MAC, Nook1, public library, overdrive, and ID


      Not sure how to explain this problem....


      I have  MAC and am trying to get EPUB books from the public library.  is now saying I need a vendorID to authorize it for both devices. Of course OverDrive (my library's software of choice) says that OverDrive is a drop-down option for Ebook Vendor and I can sign in with my OverDrive ID.


      My computer is keeping me locked on signing in with my Adobe ID. However, if I do that I cannot figure out how to connect to my Nook 1. Both overdrive and nooks forums have been useless on the topic and of course customer service on both sites is nonexistent.


      Wondering if I should just try to reboot up an old Windows machine that at least ran the dang thing. Any advice on how to get these softwares to work together???