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    Disabling Specific Touch Gestures


      I can't believe this still hasn't been implemented yet, but Photoshop needs a way to disable specific touch gestures.


      Some of the gestures are extremely useful, like pan and rotate, while others are infuriatingly buggy.


      I use a Wacom MobileStudio, so my hand rests on the screen while I draw. Even the slightest bit of movement, and the Photoshop gesture to unzoom, unrotate, and view the whole image is activated.


      This is utterly stupid. How can gestures have been in the program for this long yet there is still no way to enable to disable or even modify the gestures individually??? The only solution we are ever given is to completely disable gestures and use none of them. This all-or-nothing approach seems unnecessary and really makes using Photoshop unpleasant.


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