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    Images Are Fuzzy When Exporting PDF Presentation


      Hi all,


      I've created some files in photoshop, and I'd like them turned into a PDF Presentation. I'm putting together a pricing guide, so I want the client to be able to scroll through images and text from the pages I've created.


      As I export the files as PDF or JPG individually, and they all look crisp, but I'm finding that whenever I then export those pages together as a PDF Presentation in Photoshop, it really loses quality and images look pretty bad.


      I'm just not sure whether there's a better program or method used to put this all together so that you can scroll through the pages all together as a multipage document.


      Currently my process is;

      - export images (as PSD, PDF or JPG)

      - in photoshop select "automate" then "PDF Presentation"


      I just can't figure out why when exported as the PDF Presentation the quality is so bad. If anyone has any suggestions or a better method, I would greatly appreciate the advice!


      Thank you!



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          S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

          Hi. You didn't mention the resolution or pixel size of the images you're using. If you're using a low resolution and the Presentation goes full-screen, you may be seeing the results of not having sufficient information in each image.


          If you have the Creative Cloud, a method you may want to try would be to do it directly in Adobe Acrobat (DC, if you're working with a new version, or Pro for older versions. You can create a PDF from multiple images, tell it to be a presentation, tell it to automate, if you desire - so it'll be more of a slideshow.


          But do make sure that if it's being viewed full-screen, that you have at least 1920X1080 pixels for a normal screen, and 3840 × 2160 for 4K (or retina).

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            nadineelle Level 1

            Thank you so much for your detailed reply! That's very helpful!


            I'm a bit new with this so I realize these are probably dumb questions, but does it matter what I export the file as? PDF, PDS or JPG?

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              S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

              I'm so glad you found that helpful!


              What you ask is a really good question. Used to be, Adobe products didn't understand other Adobe products, but that changed a few years ago. So, Acrobat will understand PSD's really well. However, PSDs are often a pretty large file size. A high quality JPEG would keep your file sizes lower, and still look really great on a monitor in a presentation. So, I recommend JPEG, but really, if you want to skip a step, PSD'd work nicely.