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    Photos still "loading," even after creating standard size previews...???


      In the past, when working on a batch of photos, I used to be able to create the standard size previews so that when I browsed through them in the Library module to do my culling (choosing favorites), there would be zero load time. As long as the standard size previews were created, this was always the case -- no load time at all. Scrolling through photos was quick and seamless.


      As of a few days ago, I made some changes to my PC. I have multiple local drives on my PC. One of them is a small SSD, which used to contain my operating system, as well as my Adobe programs. The drive became full, so I added another SSD to the PC. Once I added that new SSD, I decided to move my catalog over to the new SSD so that I wasn't eating up space on the previous, smaller SSD.


      So now I have Lightroom installed on my C drive, while the catalog lives on my L drive. Photos are then stored on another local drive, M (same place the photos have always been stored, even before the catalog move).


      Since I've made this change to the catalog location, I have noticed that even if I create the standard size previews for a batch of photos, I am still experiencing the "loading" dialog when scrolling through. The only thing I can imagine is that it has something to do with moving the catalog...but I'm not sure. Other than that, I'm doing everything exactly the same as before.


      I've even tried uninstalling Lightroom, and then reinstalling. Same location, on the C drive.


      Any thoughts??


      Thanks in advance!