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    CC 2017.1.1 reliability issues... frozen UI, crash, etc.

    Ashley7 Level 3

      I'm using the Premiere CC 2017.1.1 which was installed today... seeing a bunch of issues while using it with a very simple project. I can't stop to get a bunch of screenshots right now, need to try to get through this, but wanted to provide info here in case it helps to see if others are experiencing the same issue. I'll file any bugs once obtaining good symptom info.


      So far what I've seen...


      1. A crash when clicking around in the project window... not sure what I did exactly, but I was trying to do something, I think I accidentally right-clicked and chose import or something because I got a file/open import dialog prompt. No other info at this time.


      2. When playing back, the app goes into a state where I cannot click or do anything to the UI... no menus, no windows or anything... it's as if there's an app modal dialog open. I'm Windows PC so if I click the lower/left of the systray to minimize all apps, and re-maximize, it seems to revive things, but not always. So once I was playing back and could not stop playback.


      3. Another time the Graphics workspace was active... I clicked Editing which changed workspaces but I saw the "modal" behavior thing described in the prior item... actually this occurred first, then I saw 2 later on so maybe this is a catalyst.


      5. Audio wasn't playing on one particular click... I restarted premiere and the problem went away.


      6. I was reducing volume to infinity (off) via the timeline, where there's a cut on the clip to another clip with it's volume starting at infinity (off) and I raise it... basically a manual fade out and in across separate clicks. There's odd audio artifacts or clicks when playing back across that clip boundary. If I render in/out to include that cut, the rendered clip does not have the artifact... not worried about it but fyi.


      Very painful but it doesn't look hopeless just yet to work around things but I have to see what happens going forward... I'm now seeing more often than before that thing where playback is started via transport and then I can't stop it later because the UI doesn't accept anything from mouse or keyboard.