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    Flash size in browser

    dbthumb Level 1
      I did a Flash file 11" wide and when it displays in any browser on most computers the image is roughly 8" wide. I know depending on how people have their screen resolution set will reflect how big images will be displayed, but I've had people who's monitors are set at default settings (assuming 72 pixels equal an inch) and the image is still in the 8" neighborhood. It doesn't matter if they are on a 12" laptop or on a 26" monitor. Any way to fix this situation other than making the site larger? I appreciate any info, thanks.
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          Gibbah Level 1
          I dare never even think about inches and other length meassurments when it comes to how large something is on a screen. It allways gives you the wrong answer when you start to count with it. Pixels, pixels, pixels!! =)

          Is the flashs width and hight in the HTML document correct?
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            dbthumb Level 1
            I appreciate your comments on PIXELS Vs INCHES!
            The Flash file is 792X504 PIXELS! 11" X 5". Now, can someone explain
            why it displays smaller than it actually is if 72 PIXELS = 1 inch. Does this depend totally on the individuals monitor resolution settings? When dealing with type on a page, size is important. If there is no common ground or reference, 14 point type will display at somewhere between 14 to 10 point. So, what reads well when constructed can end up illegible when viewed in a browser? Then, theoretically, if you construct pages 1/3 larger, assuming that they will be displayed 1/3 smaller, some people will be able to read everything fine and some people will have to scroll left and right, which is probably worse than having to squint to read the type.