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    Help Binding Very Complex Data Structure

    Vesta0424 Level 1
      To all who are willing to help:

      I seem to have lost that part of my brain -- or maybe I never had that brain part -- that allows me to bind data to components in Flex, at least where it comes to quite complex data structures.

      Attached to this message is the trace of the data structure I am working with (requestsAC) -- an ArrayCollection of 3 LeaveRequest VOs. Each LeaveRequest VO is constructed of an Object (Parent) and 2 ArrayCollections (Comments & Details). I would links displayed for each parent that, when selected, finds and displays the associated details and comments in a form that the requires user interaction (i.e, update, cancel, etc.)

      I've tried a few things: list & a repeater, but I can't even get a item from the parent object to bind to anything.

      Thanks much, Georgia