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    Lost my Flickr ID. How can I move library to new ID


      Hi All


      I had 87 folders with over 2500 photos in my Flickr account which I had had for around 15 years which Yahoo decided to delete on its own accord. They would not tell me why but just pointed to the term that states that they are free to delete a account when they feel like it.


      So I have created a new account and in LR CC, I can see my old Flickr collection with the folders and photos in it. Is there a way to replicate that entire structure in the new Flickr Publish service? Obv, I can go and create each folder by hand and then make it target collection and then go to the original folder in deleted Flickr account and add them all to Published service. That is very manual so was trying to avoid this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.