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    Element dropping off imported PDF

    printlives Level 1

      Strange behavior I'm trying to get to the bottom of.

      I have a client supplied PDF ad for a magazine I'm designing. 

      There is a blue bar at the bottom of the ad with a phone number reversed out.

      When I place the ad in the InDesign magazine document, everything looks fine.

      But if I print it, make a PDF of the whole document, or even put the display view on "high quality display" the whole bar disappears.


      But strangely, if I create a new InDesign document and place the same file, it has none of these problems.

      Any idea if there is some setting in my original document that is causing this? Or how I might determine by looking at the file in Acrobat what might be happening?



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Screenshots would help but if you could post the problematic file for us to look at that would be even more helpful. Version of InDesign, platform/ operating system as well as how you're checking the PDF would also be good to know.

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            printlives Level 1

            I'm on the most current version of InDesign, Mac Pro, Yosemite. Left version is how it should appear, and how it looks onscreen in Typical Display Resolution.  Right is how it looks in high quality display, printed, or rePDFed. Notice missing blue bar at the bottom. I'm not very good at preflighting in Acrobat.  My printer runs it through InSite & usually flags things, but they missed this last issue, because the bar was already missing in the file I sent them of the whole issue.  As I said, if I place it in a clean InDesign file it doesn't have this problem, so I can figure out a workaround, but would be nice to know why this is happening, so problem doesn't crop up elsewhere.



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              Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

              Down'n'dirty fix:


              Open the file in Acrobat.


              Save as another format and see what happens. I'd try File>Save As> and choose the Encapsulated PostScript option in the Format: options box first, just because it would preserve the font content and any vector graphics included in the ad as vector graphics.


              There are other, less-desirable options there as well, which may not reproduce as cleanly, but would at least get the ad in the book.

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                printlives Level 1

                Actually, what you posted before (not sure what happened to that post) about looking for an opaque element behind the ad did the trick. Not sure what it was or how it got there, but there was a lower level box that I deleted, and then mysteriously the bar has returned.  Thanks.

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                  Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm glad it worked for you.


                  I don't know exactly why it disappeared either, but I'll enter it again, and elaborate, for the good of others:


                  When I have inexplicable graphics or parts of graphics disappear in an InDesign document, I often find that some kind of "opaquing" or overlapping graphic element is hiding them.


                  Finding these problems are maddening! But after the third or fourth time of having it happen, I've made it the first thing I check:


                  • Get your Selection tool, and press the keyboard shortcut Cmd+ or Ctrl+A to select every element on the page/spread you see onscreen.
                  • If you see an offending overlapping/opaquing element, either adjust the frame containing it/delete it as appropriate.


                  End of problem.


                  If you could, please mark this as the answer to your question so moderators can archive it and it helps others who run across the same problem.


                  Glad it worked out well for you,