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    Some Lightroom Mobile changes not syncing to desktop

    Charlie Worthley

      I have Lightroom 2015.9 on my Windows 10 laptop and am using mostly the iPad Lightroom app and sometimes the Android app to make changes, mostly setting flags and cropping.


      My issue is that most of my changes are getting synced back to my laptop, but around 1 out of every 40-50 doesn't. Like I have a collection of 141 photos, and on mobile I've Flagged 47 and Rejected 94, but when I go back to my computer there are 46 Flagged, 94 Rejected, and 1 Unflagged. Worse is sometimes I'll change some from Flagged to Rejected and when the numbers don't match I have to manually compare to figure out which one didn't update.


      When a flag doesn't update on a photo it seems that any other edits also do not update, but I don't think I've seen edits not sync when the flag does. When I apply an edit on my laptop to these problem items, the current state on my laptop gets pushed to mobile. Also the issue does seem to be with my laptop as the collection status on lightroom.adobe.com seems to always match my mobile devices the few times that I've checked. It's just my laptop that doesn't line up.


      Things that I've tried:


      - Restarting apps and devices

      - Unflagging / reflagging on mobile, or re-editing

      - Turning sync off and back on


      I'm inclined to uninstall/reinstall on my laptop but have no idea if that would help. Also my laptop is the "master copy" of my photos and am not sure what the best practice would be to not lose my settings and the work I've done and all that.