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    Premiere Pro - Huge Workspace Resolution Problem


      Hello , I have been using different versions of Premier since a long time but never faced this problem.

      Ever Since I subscribed to the new Adobe Premier Pro 2017.0.2 v11.0 , my workspace has become very huge

      and most of the editing space has become very less flexible(screenshot below). My screen resolution is at

      a maximum of 1920x1080 (which im used to and very comfortable to work with)

      problem 1.png


      I must mention that I have faced similar issue with my Photoshop CC but once I updated to the latest version ,

      it is able to adjust itself to the maximum resolution and works like a charm(screenshot below)


      problem 3.png

      It was a very frustrating experience that Photoshop was able to adjust itself to my resolution by default but premier isnt (earlier versions of premier pro used to adjust itself too). I have tried chatting with tech support and googling several forums but in vain. The tech support even logged into my laptop remotely to resolve the problem and were asking me to adjust my main screen resolution , which would mess up my other apps and doesnt look aesthetic to my eyes , another tech support person said , premier cannot adjust like how photoshop does (I mean I have literally worked on it and saw how it adjusted). I cannot even export my files because the buttons get covered because of the resolution (screenshot attached)

      problem 111.png

      I hope someone reads this and help me resolve my problem by looking at these screenshots .



      P.S : When I first opened Premier Pro it gave me an error saying it needs a higher resolution(but mine is already at the highest resolution) , had to select dont show again