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    Actions pathway generation.  Best strategy?

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      I've been the "official photographer" for youth sports associations in my community for about 20 years. I do trading cards and other sports memorabilia and have a good relationship with the volunteers and participants.


      I am in the process of developing an app to take the paperwork out of the system and allow parents and players to view their photos, submit custom info (and place orders if they wish) through an online tool. The app acts as a funnel collecting input (data and photos) and disseminating production commands to programs - including Photoshop.  My goal is to take the tedium out of large volume production and allow me to focus on the fun stuff (shooting, editing and cropping). I am about 70% there and we're in Phase 1 testing of the app this season. So far - not too shabby.


      Collecting the data is easy. Here is what I am trying to solve: I will be databasing orders that parents place for products. I would like the database to also generate an Action or Droplet pathway to force Photoshop into action. So if a parent, for example, orders a Trader Card, through the app, a response can be generated once the components are defined and submitted. (I am getting my head around the best way to do this.)   


      I figure it can be done and this sounds to me like a good strategy.  However I am not certain that this is the best strategy and there may be better ways to force Actions in Photoshop based on data input. Have developers been working on or solving this issue?


      Reply if you're working on anything similar or have some thoughts or questions.  I am looking for recommendations specifically about how to create an Action pathway or whether it is the best approach.



      Video and/or links to info would be appreciated if you have any recommendations.