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    Fonts won't show up in Character panel after sync

    ChrisCrystalize Level 1

      I'm learning the ropes with After Effects and am on Chapter 3 of the book Adobe After Effects CC 2017 release. I synced my fonts as instructed on page 64 in the text, however when I try to select that font in the Character panel it is nowhere to be found. I synced Calluna Sans regular and bold on the web page that File> Add Fonts to Typekit took me to. I saved my work and restarted my project in case that was the issue and it wasn't. I'll move on using a different font for now but I would like to resolve this issue as I am learning this new program and plan on taking an Adobe certification exam. Anybody can help please let me know as I would like to be able to do the labs in their entirety. Thank you,




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