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    InDesign object resize H&W popup block suddenly tiny.


      My designer and I have both had this issue arise on the most current versions of InDesign, both here at work and on our personal machines at home . When you drag and resize a text block, an image block etc, the shape H&W pop-up block by the anchor you drag has suddenly shrunk to a small size, such that you can't read your dimensions.


      I could only find one question submitted to a forum that describes our issue and it is this: Shape Drag H & W 'live dimensions' This question is Not Answered.  bingandham Level 1 bingandham Jul 26, 2016 7:10 AM Hope I can explain this... tried to take a screen shot but won't take pic of the module   When dragging/resizing a shape or object you get a module that pops up near the cursor that displays the Height and Width of the shape as you drag it. However in InDesign (and only in InDesign, works fine in Photoshop and Illustrator) the box and text is so small that I can't read it and therefore useless. Anyone know how to fix this?


      I updated our versions of InDesign CC and that didn't solve the issue. We both use this feature multiple times a day in our workflows... making things difficult and slowing us down.


      Does anyone have any ideas on this issue?