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    out of box

    Rajab Level 1



      Am trying to understand what is the out of the box means in the Analytical world. Any information will be well appreciated. Thanks.

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi duderajab,


          "Out of box" usually refers to the condition at the moment a customer begins her experience with a product. The experience of first contact of the customer with the product, often called "out of box experience," or "OOBE," is an area that is closely studied as an opportunity to make a positive first impression on the customer. This experience should be smooth, without unexpected issues, and ideally should delight the customer.


          Analytically speaking, products are often subject to quality assurance measures prior to delivery to the end customer. Various inspections and audits may be performed, but often, at the end of the process, as product is fully prepared and ready for delivery to the customer a percentage of the product may be recalled and audited. This is referred to as "out of box audit," or "OBA," and provides the auditors a chance to simulate the customer experience as a means of process control.


          OBA could mean something as simple as Amazon fulfillment centers pulling 1% of the packed boxes off the loading dock, sending them to an audit station, opening the boxes, and checking the contents for accuracy and damage. It could be as complex as a computer company like HP pulling some % of packaged computers back into their process and running a complete boot up and test process to ensure the computers are fully functional. Or it could be something as abstract as a software company like Microsoft or Adobe having test users download and install their products on fresh new computers to ensure the installation process works.


          I hope this this helps to answer your question.



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            Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Agree with Michael but wish to add that this also can mean (for me) expressing one's view that goes beyond the normal or what one would expect...

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Another phrase but which has a different connotation is "thinking outside the box."   Being able to think creatively or abstractly in ways that other people might not consider.


              Albert Einstein's theory of relativity is a good example of "thinking outside the box."




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                Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

                Agree about "outside the box" in the creative sense, but when the OP asked about analytics, it made me think of audits, percentages, acceptable quality levels, etc.


                It's the world I live in, so that was first on my mind



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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  English is a difficult language especially for non-native speakers. 

                  "Out of box" makes me think of new software or computer that just came from the factory.  The default settings, similar to "off the shelf."



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                    Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I guess that you have to think out of the box in order to answer this question.

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                      pziecina Level 6

                      Out of the box, for me simply meens 'as shipped', no added extras after purchase, such as extensions or after sale optional extras.


                      Thinking outside the box, i would say means, 'not being set in conventional thought', and 'allowing oneself to look at a problem or subject matter, with a different perspective'.

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                        Rajab Level 1

                        Folks. Thank you All for spending your valuable time in replying the query. Much appreciated.

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                          Rajab Level 1

                          Hey Mike. So how does Out of Box fits into a page setup for tagging??