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    Captivate Training recommendations


      We are needing to get a few people at our airline trained on Captivate.  We can send them anywhere in the world easily.  Does anyone have recommendations on the best onsite training available?  We are wanting them to get the beginners and advanced lessons.  Also, we are currently on Captivate 9.  If we get everyone trained on 9 and eventually upgrade to 2017, are we asking for trouble?

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you plan upgrading to CP2017,  I would strongly recommend to look for a 2017 training, especially if you will need responsive projects. The new Fluid Boxes need a totally different approach to that type of projects. There are some other changes as well like in Advanced Actions (dialog box and new commands + while loop). Have a look at:

          Captivate 2017's gems - Captivate blog

          Advanced Actions Dialog box in Captivate 2017 - Captivate blog


          As a trainer, I don't like canned trainings, and having everything in a couple of days. I find it much more efficient to have training spread over a longer period for a more efficient result. Captivate is an application with so many features, that the trainees need time to 'digest' information and try out, explore themselves in between training days. Maybe a basic training can start with 2-4 days, but such an approach is not recommended for advanced training (if you can find advanced training in a canned version, that kind of training should always be tailored to the trainees levels and requirements). That is just my personal opinion, maybe what I consider to be advanced is not the same as is announced in many training  schedules.