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    Robohelp Multiscreen Script Error

    Gian Zelada



      I just downloaded the latest version of Robohelp 2017 but a script error is occurring when I click the "preview" button of the Multiscreen HTML5 Settings window.


      The translation of the error (see the image below) description is something like:


      Error in script for this page

      Line: 155

      Character: 3

      "Can not get 'makeFullUrl' property of undefined or null reference"

      Code: 0

      URL: file:///C:/Users/gianz/Documents/_clever%20corp/_totvs/mktg_02/03_desenvolvimento/13_robo _help/Totvs_14/!ScreenLayout!/Android_Tablet_Layout/!preview_folder_1!/template/scripts/lo adcsh.js


      Does anyone know the reason for the error, please? Thanks!