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    Video Usage access for Footage


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      Within the Project Panel's Metadata Display, I have been using the "Video Usage" feature to tell if any of my clips have been used.


      Is there a way to access this info? I would like to combine all unused footage into a bin at the end of a project?

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          e.d. Level 3

          There is...



          This should give you an XML object with all of the metadata being presented in the metadata panel of Premiere.

          Inside there is a child "<premierePrivateProjectMetaData:Column.Intrinsic.VideoUsage>".


          It seems it is a string though, but this you can split as well by above string to give you the number.


          You can also wrap it into an XML object

          var theXML = new XML(app.project.rootItem.children[2].getProjectMetadata());


          and eventually you will find the correct child.

          var usageCount = theXML.child(0).child(0).child('premierePrivateProjectMetaData:Column.Intrinsic.VideoUsage');


          Depends on what you're trying to achieve.

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