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    Multi-Cursor Editing/Find and Replace/Docs

    john stephanites Level 2

      What more should DW be doing with the Multi-Cursor and the Find and Replace? For me the F/R is fine but I hear a lot of people complain. I am wondering what I should be doing. I am being serious as I think I may be missing something here. The Multi-Cursor thing I think can be better because VSCode is free and it works way better. Here is about F/R in the DW Docs:

      Find and replace text, tags, and attributes

      This is VSCode's explanation of Multi-Cursor but it does more:

      1. Box Selection - press any combination of ⇧⌥⌘↓, ⇧⌥⌘→, ⇧⌥⌘↑, ⇧⌥⌘← to select a block of text, you can also press ⇧⌥ while selecting text with the mouse.
      2. Add a cursor - press ⌥⌘↑ or ⌥⌘↓ to add a new cursor above or below, you can also use your mouse with ⌥+Click to add a cursor anywhere.
      3. Create cursors on all occurrences of a string - select one instance of a string e.g. background-color and press ⇧⌘L. Now you can replace all instances by simply typing.


      One other thing. Does anyone know how to incorporate Dash/Kapeli with DW.  I think this latest release has done a lot for me with stabilizing things. Especially on my Laptop, it works a lot better. Thanks, everyone.

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          pziecina Level 6

          I don't use Dw anymore, so the F/R and multi-cursor implementations are for someone else to reply.


          Incorporating Dash into Dw, could be done as it is a simple html5 off-line database app, and Dw probably already uses something similar with it's Brackets code editor, in order to show users the spec description for the meaning and format of various code elements.


          The main problem i would have with such a feature if it was done as part of the code editor, would be the constant 'pop-ups' with the information, which for me would become very annoying, very quickly. Incorporating it as a menu item though may be of use to some, but then it would be just as usefull as a stand alone app, (as it currently is ).


          edit - you would incorporate it by creating an extension. The documentation for creating extensions is i have heard being updated as a lot has changed since the last version of the documentation, (it is for CS5.5).

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            john stephanites Level 2

            Thanks for the reply. In editors you have the option to show the help when you hit a key map. In another editor I use it uses the docs that it already has as well as Dash. There is no back and forth from app to app. Before I used that I didn't care, now that I have it's really the only way.

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              pziecina Level 6

              The problem with Dw incorporating anything such as Dash, is that it has to be maintained, something for which Dw has at best a mediocre record. The one advantage incorporating it does have, is that it is a 3rd party program, and Dw does appear to favour such items for inclussion now.


              Even though i would not use it, Dw's target user may find it helpfull, so unless you wish to write the extension for including it yourself, you could file a feature request, (under Dw's 'Help' menu), hope that a Dw team member visits the forum and reads the post, or that Preran takes note of your request and passes it to the Dw team.


              It may even be worth filling a feature request for Adobe Brackets itself, as according to the statement by the Dw managment, Dw's code editor, and the Brackets editor improvements should be jointly shared from now on.


              (Could be worth doing for your other items)